West Amsterdam Locksmith

If you cannot enter your apartment or office, don’t worry. You need a locksmith who can deal with any lock issue. Once they touch your lock, it will open no matter its brand. Do not be shy now- call a west Amsterdam locksmith expert who can solve any lock problem. They can solve any issue quickly, even if:

  • You got locked out without a key. Perhaps you dropped your key or somebody took it
  • Your door lock got broken and you cannot get inside the house
  • Your key broke and part of it is still stuck in the door lock.
  • You got locked out and your key is in the house
  • Your key broke in two halves and you need a duplicate
  • Your keys are inside the house and you cannot get inside again to take them


Discover a Technician Who Can Solve Any Door Lock Problem

A locksmith can unlock and open the door for you under any of the circumstances shown above. Whether you use mortise locks, Euro cylinder locks, night latches, or a lock that is fitted to a uPVC door lock, composite door or wooden door, a reputed locksmith like slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl is all you need. You can also get services of a locksmith in  Amsterdam zuid-oost.

Several things can happen to a key. Kids can take your key and use it to open tight cans and it may curve or break.  You can drop your keys somewhere you cannot recall, someone may steal your keys, or you can break your key and part of it may get lost in the lock itself.

If you don’t have access to your key for whatever reason, the only one who can help you is a west Amsterdam company locksmith. It will ask a staff to come and help:

  • If you got locked out late in the night or at dawn. An excellent locksmith runs a 24-hour service and will respond as soon as you both agree on phone.
  • If you need someone to solve the problem without destroying your door or glass window.
  • If you require someone who is properly trained to unlock and open all kinds of door locks. This expert will restore access to your house in an instant. They have done the same job for years and understand the type of issues that each kind of door lock develops.
  • When your lock is automated and uses a keypad that is activated with a code. If you forget a code or password, you need the assistance of a staff from slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39

Sometimes the reason why people get locked out of their homes or offices is because their door locks cannot work anymore. If this is what happened to you, perhaps you should upgrade your locks. As door lock replacement and repair is their area of specialization, slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl could help you. They can send a technician to:

  • Replace your door lock if it has jammed because of being too old or damaged
  • You have bought a new lock but cannot remove the old lock in order to fit the new one.
  • Maybe you want to meet insurance requirements by upgrading your locks to a higher standard, but cannot do it personally.


Whether you get locked out of your property because of a faulty or lost key, or after a door lock stops working, the solution is simple. Call a west Amsterdam Locksmith company like SlotenMakers-Locksmiths for urgent assistance.

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