Hilversum Locksmith

The week has got off to a bad start. You have turned up to work and the key has broken in the lock.

You cannot get in the office, and the rest of the staff will arrive in minutes. You need to contact an efficient Hilversum locksmith service that can be trusted to arrive on time.


Top Locksmith Hilversum When You Are Locked Out of Your Business Premises

By the time your staffs arrive, the locksmith should be on their way. It is important to remember that once the key has broken, you should do nothing to it.

Putting the rest of the key in will do more harm than good. It is better to let a qualified and knowledgeable locksmith from Slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl do the job for you.

 Why did the lock break in the door lock?

There are several reasons why the key could have broken. It could have been too old and had started to wear down without your knowledge.

The key may not have been strong enough to complete the task. If it is a new key, then wear and tear will not be an issue, but it may not have been cut correctly.

The barrel may have been loose and could no longer work properly.  Finally, you may have just tried to force in and turned the wrong key. Once a technician from Slotenmaker Locksmith arrives, they will help you understand the cause.

You can get services from them in other cities: A Locksmith in Naaldwijk, A Locksmith in Voorburg.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39

Speed is important

Try not to think too much about all the things that can go wrong while you are outside. The following problems will occur if the best Hilversum locksmith technician does not get there quickly.

  • Customers cannot get in touch with you. If the phone rings out, they could go somewhere else.
  • Workers are playing catch up all day – that way it is easy for mistakes to be made.
  • Employees could be stressed and agitated, and this can lead to confrontation.
  • If the weather is bad you are all getting wet and cold.

The good news is that the locksmith from this company will get there quickly.  In less than an hour, they could arrive at your office door. With employees working 24/7, you will be able to contact someone whatever time you want and there will quick response.

In some cases, it may be an easy job and the broken key can be retrieved. The locksmith is going to have the right tools to do that.  Do not try to call anyone to extract the broken key as you might get locked out of your office the entire day. Don’t make this mistake.


The good news is that the Slotenmaker -locksmith.nl expert will solve the problem in about twenty minutes. This will save the time you could have wasted the entire morning and allow your staff to have a good day.  

To make sure that you get the best service at the best price, you should contact Slotenmaker Locksmith and they will get your day back on track.