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Have you recently moved into a brand new house? Have you lived in the same home for years and your door locks are no longer safe? You have two possible solutions. The first choice is to change your door locks and the second one is to rekey your locks. If you are not sure what the right option is, read your home warranty. 

Should you Rekey or change locks completely?-Choose a Prudent Locksmith in Wassenar

It will show which of the two solutions has coverage. Once you decide what to do, call the best locksmith Wassenar area. It is definitely slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl. If in dilemma, the next paragraphs will help you understand the difference between changing locks and rekeying locks.

Changing a door lock

To change a door lock means removing the entire old locking hardware and substituting it for a new one. With replacement come totally new locks and keys. As everything within the old locking system is rendered useless, changing door locks is more expensive. So it is important to replace locks if you really need to. So replace when:

  • The locks are old and damaged

  • Your doors have locks from different manufacturers and you want to open them with one key

  • A door lock has gone missing

  • You want your doors to use the most advanced, electronic locks.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39

Although you can attempt to change your locks, it’s not advisable to do so when the new locks you want to install are advanced, modern systems. Get in touch with slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl instead. They will arrive at your home within half of an hour or earlier even when you need assistance at night.

Rekeying your lock

To rekey is to alter the system your lock uses to lock and open itself.  After rekeying, the older key cannot work any longer. The newly-altered lock mechanism will require a new key to work.

When you cannot handle the cost of changing your locks, just rekey them. Rekeying is not for all kinds of locks. It works when the locks come from the same manufacturer or when they have a similar keyhole but function with different keys.  After rekeying, your locks will use the same key. Here is when you need to rekey:

  • Your old key has no copy any more. If someone were to find the copy, they might enter your house. By rekeying, the old copy of your key would not work.
  • You have bought a home that had previous owners and have moved in. As you don’t know who might have a copy of the current door locks, you could save cost by rekeying rather than changing all the locks.

If you are like most homeowners, you can try any DIY project. However, when a project requires special tools and knowledge, you would rather not do it.  A rekey project is quite sensitive, especially if you don’t know a lot about locks and don’t have the right tools.

It would be easier and cheaper to use a Wassenar locksmith company that has ample experience and excellent customer care service. This is a sure way of ensuring that you don’t damage your door locks while trying to rekey them. 

Once a locksmith arrives at your home to represent the company; they will tell you how they plan to do the job. They will mention the number of keyholes they will rekey and on what types of deadbolts and knobs.

Non-electronic deadbolts and knobs are easier to rekey as long as they are working properly.  The staff will also provide a certain number of identical keys that you will use to open the newly- rekeyed locks.

What’s next?

Now you know what changing or rekeying door locks means. What have you decided to do? No matter what your decision is, call slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl or visit them online.

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