Naaldwijk Locksmith

Securing the house when you leave or lock up for the night can be taken for granted. You turn the key, and the door is locked. But what do you do when the simple process does not work?

A Naaldwijk locksmith consultant from will soon find out what went wrong and sort it out for you.  You will know if it is a broken key or a damaged lock. If there are other possibilities, such as better locks than the ones you own, the consultant will tell you.

When your Door lock Fails in Naaldwijk Call SlotenMakers Locksmiths

One thing that puts this company forward is its excellent customer service and efficient employees.  Some of the problems you can report to them include the following:

  • The lock does not turn

You are using the right key but there is no reaction from the lock. It could be that it is not sitting in the right position.

If it is an old lock and getting a bit worn the locksmith Naaldwijk will set it back in place. The door may need re hanging but you will be kept informed by a professional representative of this trustworthy company.

  • The mechanism is damaged

There are several reasons why the mechanism fails. It may require the removal of the lock for the right decision to be made as to what needs to be done. It maybe that it can be repaired but it may be cheaper to replace the whole thing.

You will always be told the price for both, so you can then choose the cheapest option and know you were given good advice from an honest company.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39
  • The key won’t fit

Hopefully, it is just that you are trying the wrong key. If the key normally works, they lock may be blocked. Don’t try to wriggle it clear yourself as that can make matters worse. The locksmith will have a variety of tools and sprays that should do the job.

  • Problems turning the key

Again, check you have the right key for the door you are trying to open. If you have, then the lock has probably seized. Don’t keep trying to loosen it with the key but call a Naaldwijk locksmith. A simple silicon spray that they carry should release it. If that does not work, a new lock can be fitted quickly.

Wrap up

Whatever the problem is, you can be sure that a well-trained and highly qualified locksmith from slotenmakers-locksmith will be able to fix it. If you contact this company, they will have one of their experts with you quickly. It is a professional service offered at a good price, and you will not regret the decision to call them.