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Sadly, there are some people in the world who are dishonest. They will use any opportunity to steal your property. You can lock your door, but some locks are less secure than others.

Conservatories and French Doors tend to be vulnerable to breaches. This is because they use euro cylinder locks. The double cylinder locks that tend to be used for the above doors are not completely secure at the centre. There is an area that is weak.

It is this part of the cylinder that will allow the thief to break the lock. It is believed that it could take as little as 2 minutes for the thief to damage the lock and get into the house. Luckily, Haarlem locksmith experts can repair a damaged lock in an instant.

What would the intruder do?

All that the intruder needs to do is loosen and then remove the outer cover of the lock. Once they reach the euro cylinder they would almost be there. All that would be needed is a tool to crack the cylinder into two pieces.

Then there would be a quick manipulation of the lock and it would completely give way. Once this has happened, the locking points have been affected as they are maneuvered by the cylinder.

Night service

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Day service

$ 39

Understanding anti-snap locks

The anti-snap lock will not prevent the lock from being snapped, but it will prevent it being broken in a dangerous place. There is an anti-snap line in the cylinder and pressure will cause this to break.

Once this happens, the centre of the cylinder cannot be broken. This means that the intruder either must give up or find another way to get into the house.

It could be that you already have anti-snap locks. The way to check this is to remove it from the door and look to see if there are any snap lines. Do not be fooled into thinking that you have these secure locks just because you can see the BS kitemark.

You will be well advised to ask advice from a Haarlem locksmith consultant, and they will show you the type of lock which is best for you. By measuring the door, they will know they are suggesting the right one.


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