Leidschendam Locksmith

Life can be harder in the winter than it is in the summer. It is harder to get out of bed, the washing does not dry as well, and the locks can freeze.

It can be so annoying to come home from work just looking forward to a hot drink and a warm fire. Then, you find that you cannot get in the house.  You need an efficient and dependable locksmith in Leidschendam area.  They will save you if:

4 Ways that Slotenmakers Locksmiths at  Leidschendam Can Solve Your Door Lock Issues

You are stuck in or out of the house

If you are stuck inside the house there is the chance that you can deal with the problem yourself. Heat some water and put the key into it for a few minutes and hope it breaks the ice.

If you are outside, you will need assistance from a Leidschendam locksmith technician who will quickly come to your rescue. At that instant, they will have the right tools to unlock your door lock so you can get in the house.

Your lock has seized up

When this happens, it will not be ice but dirt causing the problem. Dirt can sometimes get inside the lock. It is hard to stop it happening and hard to get it out once it is there. A professional Leidschendam locksmith from Slotenmakers Locksmiths will be able to reach you quickly. They will be carrying equipment that can do the job safely.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39

You have a door that does not catch

If the door does not catch however hard you slam it, there could be a part of the lock that is misaligned. If you try to file it down, you could take away too much, so it is best not to try this yourself.

By bringing in a locksmith you will get the job done properly. The strike plate will be taken off and the damage assessed this way. This company will soon have your lock working again. 

Your lock is just showing signs of age

Sometimes there will not be the option of fixing the lock. If it is just worn down through age, it will need to be replaced.

A Leidschendam locksmith will be able to replace it and advise you of the best new one to choose. They are a company who will always give good advice and have your best interests at heart.



Often there will be easy ways to deal with your lock problem. You can always do yourself a favour and call the customer care representative of slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl. 

In addition, they provide the services of A locksmith in Zaandam, A locksmith in Voorburg.

You can be sure that they will not let you down. They are fast and friendly, and will not walk away until you are happy with the job they have done. Keep their number close just in case of emergencies.