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A master key is a special type of key that can unlock most locks. The most dependable and reputable Rijswijk locksmith technician can produce it for you.It is an essential key to have if you are in the real estate sector as a builder, contractor or house agent. With a master key only, you can get into hundreds of apartments at once.

An apparent advantage to having a master key is that it is just one key that can open several door locks. When compared to carrying a bunch of keys every day, a single master key is better.

Unless you are totally careless, you cannot easily lose this key. On the other hand, you can leave a bunch of keys anywhere: on a restaurant table, in a public bus or train, in a washroom, at an office desk or in another place. 

The whole bunch can also be stolen or some of the keys in it could fail and prevent you from entering some rooms or houses.

How to get a master key

The first thing to consider is whether you need to do it yourself or hire an expert. As the task of producing a master is difficult, and you need special tools and skills, you should hire someone.  To get quality results, consider hiring a company that has been in locksmith business for years.

One of the top companies in Rijswijk area is SlotenMakers-Locksmiths.nl. Besides offering the quickest services, this company has brilliant and well-trained technicians. Concerning how they will give you a master key, the company will carry out a rekeying exercise.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39

How is rekeying done?

Rekeying a lock translates to changing the whole key mechanism to something different without changing the lock itself. So, the existing lock will remain but the old key will not open it. As you can imagine, the task of rekeying a lock is difficult for a novice locksmith. 

They must dismantle the lock carefully and change some of the things it has inside. These are called key pins or tumblers. As each tumbler in a lock corresponds to a certain key, the locksmith will essentially create a new key if they replace all tumblers with different ones.

For an expert like Slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl, the rekeying process is easy and quick.

It is important for you to know that they provide services in other cities like: Locksmith Services in Wateringen, Locksmith Services in Zaandam.

You should provide the old key if you have it to simplify their work. If it is lost, then the only way to rekey and give you a master key is to pick your locks. This could make the work more expensive. Instead of it, you should have your old locks replaced with new ones.

Will a rekeyed lock be secure?

Once your door locks are rekeyed, they will use just one master key. However, the procedure cannot increase the security of the lock. It will remain as it was before the changes.

You see, the locksmith will replace the exact tumblers in the lock with a matching set. Thus, the newly-rekeyed lock will have the same number of tumblers and will offer the same level of security as before.

Considerations before making a master key

If you need a key that can open different locks at once, then there are some things to reflect on. First, find out if your locks are from the same manufacturer.  Do they have same keyholes? 

Only locks from same brand or with same keyholes can be rekeyed to make a uniform key.  Most locks on the market are set for this process. However, some complicated locks like Medeco require a special set of tools.

Finally, consider working with a reputable Rijswijk locksmith shop to avoid wasting your time and money.