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If you own commercial properties, safety of everyone and everything should matter to you the most. Besides installing CCTV cameras, alarms, and other security devices, you need secure doors.

One thing that makes any door safe is the lock it has. No one should be able to mess with your door locks. And for them to offer tight security, the locks should work properly.

Types of Commercial Door Locks That Locksmiths in Voorschoten Can Install for You

If yours are failing, then don’t hesitate to contact one of the leading locksmiths Voorschoten region can offer you. Failing locks could be a sign that they should be replaced. 

Although changing your commercial door knobs will be slightly expensive, you will not regret it later on. When you have made a choice to change everything, consider the following types of commercial locks for doors.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39
  1. Mortise locks

Commercial buildings are ever busy and are therefore at a higher risk of burglary. To prevent this, many business owners prefer to use mortise locks. These are not at all new.

They have existed for many years and are liked for their strength and dependability.  Since they have several components that work together, including a deadbolt inside of them, mortise locks are very secure. If you haven’t tried these, call slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl today. They will come and replace your old locks with mortise locks.

  1. Cylindrical locks

Just like mortise locks, cylindrical locks can withstand regular use.  They have levers inside and outside. A cylindrical lock also has these parts: a rose, latch, chassis, and cylinder.

In an advanced cylindrical lock, you need to push a button and use a key too. This push button is invisible from outside as it faces the inside of the building. You would need a key to enter the building from outside.

Offering dual functionality, a cylindrical lock is convenient and very safe. If you want it right now, call the best locksmiths Voorschoten experts today. They have the right personnel as well as the tools to remove your current door locks and fix cylindrical locks.

  1. Keypad door locks

These don’t require a key for each user. Simply give authorized users a key code to help them open your keypad door locks. Without tangible keys, you can easily enhance the security of your premises.

It also means you will lose no key and feel inconvenienced. Keypad door locks use other authentication forms, such as your biometric data. At your place of work, you can use these locks to limit access based on one’s job role or time. 

If a worker is not within the authorized time limit, for instance, they will be denied access. This is one of the best door locks for commercial buildings. You can get it by contacting Slotenmakers Locksmiths.

  1. Electric strike locks

The manufacturer of this type of lock chose to replace the strike plate with an electric plate. This energized plate controls how the door opens. When there is power interruption, the fail-secure electric strike locks stay locked.

To open, they close the circuit and then send electric current to the strike. The other kind of electric strike lock is called fail-safe. Other kinds of commercial door locks include magnetic locks, wall-mounted locks, panic bars, and door closers.

Going forward

If you are looking for someone to fix your commercial door locks, consider slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl first.

They understand how every lock we have listed above works. They also have a strong team of expert locksmiths and could send one to your office at once.