Den Haag Locksmith

It is possible that you need a new set of keys after losing yours. Perhaps your key broke and snapped in a door lock. What you require urgently is a dependable key cutting service.

A key cutter can produce new copies of keys with either a code or a bare hand.  If you need a spare bunch of keys, you can have them cut by a top-notch Den Haag locksmith shop.

Who Can Offer You Top- notch Key Cutting Service?

When doing such as a serious job involving a thing as sensitive as your key, choose an expert. The best professional in this area is And they can reach you in Den Haag Locksmith in 20 minutes.

This company has strong presence in different cities and boasts expert locksmiths.

Don’t get out of your house soon because of lacking an extra copy of your front door or back door key. Even if you need extra keys for each door in your house, Slotenmakers Locksmiths can cut them in an instant.

Night service

$ 69

Day service

$ 39

Does it take long to cut a key?

If you are dealing with an experienced locksmith, they will cut a single key in a minute. This is if the key is a typical kind that expert locksmiths have seen several times over the years.

They just have to duplicate or copy this key. If the key should be cut according to a code, the process may take a longer time. So bring all your keys as different types are acceptable, including:

  • Cylinder locks that are mainly chosen for front doors of residential properties
  • Mortise lock keys
  • Rim lock keys
  • A patented key
  • A restricted key with a special code
  • A garage door key
  • UPVC door key
  • A patio door key
  • A digital safe key
  • An antique key
  • A padlock key


As you can see, many kinds of keys qualify for key cutting.  If you are dealing with a complicated type of key, such as a security key, contact a  Den Haag locksmith specialist fast.

This is because without your security key you may not access some services. A security key has a code that the cutter must produce in exactness when cutting. Make sure you have your passport, credit card, drivers’ license or another thing that could act as proof of ownership. Most locksmiths will not cut a security key without this information.

Cutting other special keys

One of these keys is called a safe key. As it is a very sensitive key, a professional locksmith may take up to one hour to produce a single copy. So you can expect the price to be slightly bigger than that of cutting a typical key.  Other kinds of special keys are antique and vintage keys.

They are reproduced to help open an ancient era lock. Whether it is a key for an old church door, an old suitcase’ lock, or old furniture, can help.