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A broken key is enough to lock you outside your own house. Sometimes the key breaks and snaps in a lock. In such a case, you cannot remove one half of the broken piece and use another copy of the same key to open the door.

A key that has broken and snapped in the lock needs special attention. It requires urgent removal by a locksmith Voorburg technician who has done a similar task before. Key breakage and snapping can occur:

  • When a key is constantly turned and it’s not totally inserted in the lock
  • When you try to open a door lock with the wrong key
  • When a lock has jammed and you try to force it to open
  • If you hold the key while pushing the door open, the key might curve and break
  • If your kid uses the door key to open a tight seal, such as a tin of paint, it could develop a problem without your knowledge.

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What to Do if You have a Broken Key That Has Snapped in the Door Lock

If you break a key and a piece of it gets stuck inside the lock, don’t remove it yourself. First, don’t do it because you don’t have the expertise. Second, avoid the task because you don’t have the right tools.

Attempting to extract a broken key that has snapped can worsen the problem. You can end up with a broken lock mechanism or a very expensive key extraction project. The right expert to get in touch with is slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl.

This is a professional locksmith who owns the right tools and experts for this job. Since these expert locksmiths are familiar with different types of residential and commercial locks, they will know the quickest way to remove a broken key that has also snapped in a lock. Basically, you can expect a professional locksmith to remove a snapped key from all types of door locks, including:

  • The most advanced locks like Euro cylinders
  • Padlocks
  • Garage door locks
  • Window locks
  • Car door locks

If you own door locks that use the pin tumbler mechanism, it is advisable to call an expert. Keys used to open these locks have thinner metal blades that are susceptible to breakage.

A professional locksmith knows what they are doing and will take the shortest period possible to extract a broken and snapped key.  To determine how fast the key can come out, the locksmith has to know how far into the lock the damaged key is, the cause of breakage, and if the lock is still working.

If a lock is already in  good working condition, a typical key extraction service would take about thirty minutes. And if you are working with a reliable locksmith Voorburg service, you can receive a new copy of the broken key the same day.

The slotenmakers-locksmiths.nl is known in many towns as the top locksmith service for all door locks issues. They provide many services throughout the country, like a locksmith in Zoetermeer, a loocksmoth in Delft. Contact them right away for immediate help as they work around the clock.